Youth Circus Camps

There's no better way for kids to spend school breaks than trying new things, building confidence, developing team work skills and having a blast while doing it!  Circus School of Arizona is pleased to offer full- and half-day camp options for:


Each camp session covers a broad range of circus skills allowing students to try a little bit of everything. Trained instructors will give your child an introduction to all the core areas of circus arts including: aerial acrobatics, ground acrobatics, equilibristics (balancing), prop manipulation and more.

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Improve Eye-Hand Coordination, Agility & Mental Dexterity

Circus School of Arizona has nearly every prop circus kids could want. In circus camp, they’ll learn a bit of everything. This ranges from juggling scarves, balls, clubs, diabolo and sticks to spinning plates, ribbons and poi. It also includes object balancing and hula-hooping.


Using our many props, your child will improve balance, hone eye-hand coordination and increase mental dexterity.

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Enhance Balance and Gross Motor Skills

Balance is an important part of circus and life.  Camp participants will learn how to balance on circus apparatuses including rolling globe, rola bola, stilts and tight wire (don’t worry – it’s a low wire that’s only 2-feet off the ground!).


By the end of camp, your child is bound to feel more in balance within themselves and the world around them.

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Build Courage & Confidence

Let your kids climb to new heights in a safe and nurturing environment. Circus camp students learn how to safely mount and dismount various aerial apparatuses including silks, static trapeze, triple and quad trapeze, lyra, and sling. They also practice a variety of fun and simple poses designed to stretch their minds and bodies while floating in the air!

In a short time, watch your child's courage and confidence bloom.

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Strengthen Teamwork & Cooperative Play Skills

Circus camp attendees practice individual exercises (like tumbling and handstands), as well as partner and group poses (like hand-to-hand balancing and pyramids).


By working with each other in these activities, they learn how to find balance with each other, identify strengths within the group and explore new ways of working and playing together.

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