Private & Semi-Private Aerial Classes

If you prefer one-on-one instruction or want to work with your coach outside of regular classes, we offer private and semi-private classes with coaches & master coaches to help you advance your circus skills. Pricing varies based on skills & instructor.

Deeper Skill and Apparatus Instruction

Working with a private coach gives you the ability to delve deeper into particular skills or apparatuses including aerial silks, lyra, trapeze and more. If you're ready to further your practice, striving to master more complicated sequences or simply want more time under your coach's watchful eye – private instruction is the way to go.

Turn your hobby into your passion.

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Choreography & Act Development

Aerial artists who are ready to take to the stage often find benefit in additional instruction outside of group classes. Leverage these 60 & 90 minute classes to fully develop and choreograph your aerial act so you can impress the most astute audience. 

Hone your performance skills.

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Individuals and Small Groups

Private, semi-private and private group classes are available for up to six participants. This gives participants the ability to receive all the benefits of private instruction while sharing the cost and having the convenience of selecting a mutually arranged time with your coach. Groups of more than six are considered private parties or workshops.

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